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Single Coil Pickup For Stage One / Encore Steels


This pickup is the classic style steel guitar single coil with 1/4 inch alnico magnets and 42 awg wire specifically design to mount on Stage One and Encore steel guitars.

This pickup uses shorter magnets so it will fit in the available height and still have room for height adjustment and wire routing. The pickup body is 0.64 inch tall, so with the needed 1/8 clearance up to the strings and the pickup height, there will be about 1/8 inch below the pickup body for height adjustment and wire routing.

Due to placement of the original pickup mounting holes and how they interfere with the shape of a single coil bobbin, installation requires drilling 4 new holes and then mounting the pickup with foam ala the p bass. The required four mounting screw and foam are included with pickup purchase.

I have made a few design improvements over the typical way these have been made in the past, specifically:

-The bobbin is 3D printed as one piece and does not rely on glue for structural integrity
-A 3D print full plastic cover protects the coil
-The coil is potted to reduce microphonics

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.