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GL Series Pickups - 10 String Wide Mount


GL Series pickups are exact clones of the long popular blade type humbucking pickups that ceased manufacture a couple years ago. The GL series are electrically and magnetically identical but are manufactured with 3D printed plastic parts rather than the injection molded parts of the originals.

The key features duplicated are:

- Blades of stainless or carbon steel
-43 AWG magnet wire
-Ceramic magnet

The plastic parts assemble in a new manner which has no impact on the pickups measurements or tone but accomplishes the following improvements:

-The coil wiring and body design uses the pickup height more efficiently, reducing the effective height required for installation by 1/8 inch.
-The pickup can be disassembled for repairs, rather than the epoxy potting used on the originals.

The body size and wide mount bolt pattern are identical to the original but a full length flange is used for better strength as standard. For applications where the pickup cutout requires tabs as on the originals, these can be provided upon request.

Most importantly on the dimensions, the overall length is 98 mm as on the originals. There are many steels with pickup cutouts that are only slightly longer than 98 mm (Carter and various others), and the GL Series will fit the same as an original.

The models offered are as follows:

Model GLE66 - Stainless Blade, 17K DC Resistance
Model GLEON - Carbon Steel Blade, 17K DC Resistance
Model GLTW - Stainless Blade, 18.6K DC Resistance
Model GLPF1 - Carbon Steel Blade, 18.6K DC Resistance
Model GLSS10 - Stainless Blade, 19.5K DC Resistance
Model GL10-1 - Carbon Steel Blade, 19.5K DC Resistance
Model GLPF2 - Carbon Steel Blade, 20.2K DC Resistance

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.