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SW10 Humbucker Pickup


The SW10 pickup is a side wound humbucking pickup that senses the strings at a single point, exactly like a single coil. This unique magnetic design provides the clear midrange and smooth highs of a single coil but is simultaneously as quiet as a standard dual coil humbucker.

The target tone of the standard SW10 was to achieve similar tonality to a 14-15K single coil, but I am also making a heavier wound version of the design that targets the tone of a 17-18K single coil.

The SW10 is available in 75 mm and 77 mm pole spacing and the standard wide mount and narrow mount bolt patterns.

Note that because of the coil arrangement the pickup height is 7/8 inch tall with another 1/8 required for the cable underneath. Because of this fact, the SW10 will not fit some steels, but if your steel will fit a pickup this tall the SW10 will give you true single coil tone and quiet operation.

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.

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