CE10 Steel Guitar Pickup

$10.00 - $125.00
  • CE10 Steel Guitar Pickup

This pickup is the classic style single coil similar to Emmons or Truetone, with the same 1/4 inch alnico magnets and 42 awg wire. Many people prefer this type of pickup, The pickup body is 0.78 inch tall, and it’s a standard wide mount baseplate.

I have made a few design improvements over the typical way these have been made in the past, specifically:

-The bobbin is 3D printed as one piece and does not rely on glue for structural integrity
-The outer coil wire is clamped securely to prevent stress on the coil
-The coil is potted to reduce microphonics

These pickups will be wound to 17.5 K-ohms as standard, however I can wind the pickup to any desired resistance. Since the design is very similar to Emmons or Truetone, a CE10 pickup wound to say 18 K-ohms will measure and sound the same as an Emmons or Truetone at 18 K-ohms.

CE Series pickups are available in white for an additional $10 each, note that you will have to add the white upcharge to the cart as another item in addition to the pickup itself.