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507 Blade Humbucker


The 507 is a stainless steel blade humbucker that is electrically and magnetically identical to a popular blade humbucker with a similar sounding name that was originally introduced in the 1970s.

However the 507 Is not a clone, I have revised the pickup body design and wiring arrangement to remove the wasted height in the original model and the current reissue model on the market. The changes are to plastic body parts only and do not affect the electrical or magnetic design.

The 507 is 3/4 inch tall including the pathway for the pickup wires, whereas the original/reissue is 7/8 inch tall with another 1/8 inch of height required for the cable. The tall height of the original/reissue will not fit on many steel guitars, especially steels where the changer supports extend into the pickup pocket. There are other steels where the original/reissue barely fits but cannot really be adjusted for the best tone, which due to the powerful ceramic magnet occurs at 1/8 - 3/16 inch clearance. If either of these is the situation on your steel and you like the tone of this style pickup, here is the solution.

Specification Comparison

Original DC Resistance - 20K
507 DC Resistance - 20K
Original Inductance - 15 Henry
507 Inductance - 15 Henry
Original Magnet Wire - 43 AWG
507 Magnet Wire - 43 AWG
Original Magnet - Ceramic 1/8 x1/2x3
507 Magnet - Ceramic 1/8 x1/2x3

The 507 pickup has an industry standard wide mount base, and narrow mount is also available on request.

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.

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