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Z10 Original ZB Mount Steel Guitar Pickup

$20.00 - $150.00

The Steeltronics Z Series pickup is the only pickups on the market with the two row of magnets / steel baseplate / center pole piece design as used on vintage ZB steel guitars.

Z Series pickups are wound to the same inductance as a typical ZB pickup when in the middle position on the selector switch, and the magnetic gauss levels measured at the strings is identical to original ZB pickups. A welcome upgrade is the fact that Z Series coils are wax potted to address the microphonic nature that ZB pickups can tend to have.

Z Series pickups give you the silky highs, tight lows, and the fast/precise transient response of original ZB pickups, in addition the Z Series pickups are also very quiet for a single coil (as are original ZB pickups) due to the unique magnetic circuit and how it interacts with the coil.

Please note the Z10 is a single tap pickup designed to optimize and match the response of the middle switch position on original ZB steels. When installed as a replacement the switch can be wired to select the single tap in all position by soldering small wire jumpers across the appropriate terminals. If desired I can add a low tap for an additional $20, but the number of winds for the highest tap on original ZB pickups will not physically fit in the bobbin space of the Z10.

The mounting pattern is 1-1/8 x 3-9/16 inches, which should fit most vintage ZBs.

The Z10 Original Mount pickup is available in white or black, as the original ZB pickups were to best match the color scheme of a particular steel.

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.