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S6 String Through Pickup


The S6 (S for Split Coil) is a humbucking split coil pickup that utilizes a magnetic yoke arrangement, as used on multiple classic string through pickups. The magnets connect to upper and lower steel plates creating a uniform magnetic field in the string zone, which allows for free string movement since there is no net magnetic force on the strings.

The neodymium magnets were carefully selected to provide a field strength in the range of the most famous string through pickup, while allowing the pickup size to fit a standard humbucker mounting ring with 50 mm pole spacing or a standard P90 rout. Adjustable 10-32 pole pieces are provided for precise string balance.

The window for the strings to pass through is ¼ inch tall, and the design intent is that the strings sit in the middle of this height at about 1/8 inch or slightly more above the lower edge of the window and the pickup pole pieces. The top surface of the pickup is about ¼ inch above the strings when adjusted in this manner. The S6 usually requires a rout depth of at least 3/4 inch on a typical installation, see pics for an illustration of this.

The pickup is supplied with mounting screws and springs for correct placement of the pickup on lap steels where the strings are 1/2 inch above the body, other heights can be accommodated with longer screws and spacers, contact us for details.

The humbucker version is supplied with a custom 3D printed flat mount ring for lap steel applications, or a Gibson USA sized tall angled ring, Stewmac #1508 or equivalent, for guitar applications. Both rings use the Gibson USA mounting dimensions of 36.5 mm X 81 mm. Note that "Epiphone" or "import" rings have different dimensions.

The P90 version ships with a mounting plate that mounts via the standard P90 two hole mount spacing, and this plate in turn mounts the pickup on four separate screws and springs, please see the product pics. This P90 mounting plate is available in flat mount for lap steel applications, or a 5 degree angle base for guitar applications.

String through pickups do create a bit of a challenge for hand placement and string damping, but the area and height of the pickup body was minimized to the extent possible and the top surface radiused so the right hand can move smoothly from in front of the pickup to resting on top to picking on the fretboard side of the pickup body and damping with the back of the hand on the bridge side of the pickup body.

The payoff is the string through design and the uniform magnetic field completely surrounding the string gives great clarity of tone, and the upper harmonics of the string really ring out. Here is a sound files I put together to demonstrate the S6.

Instrumental Demo

Lap steel and guitars shown in pictures are for reference only and not included with pickup purchase.

Steeltronics utilizes on demand 3D printing for key components, therefore normal production time is 4 weeks for most orders.

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